The Killebrew Tribune is the official blog of World Killebrew, a Hardball Dynasty world from the WhatifSports web site. This blog is dedicated to all things World Killebrew.

The current commissioner for World Killebrew is mbrake.

Formally known as World ARomano, World Killebrew is a private world with 20+ seasons under its belt. Despite the original name of the world, ARomano was not the founder of the World, that honor belongs to Caracarn.

The story goes something like this: Caracarn created this world as a tribute to the very successful ARomano.¬† After setting up the world and his team, Caracarn departed prior to the start of the regular season. o49677c stepped in to take over Caracarn’s team and the world’s original franchise, San Antonio Silver Spurs (now San Juan Expos [NL]). And what about ARomano? He took over the duties as the commissioner, where he remained for the next 19 seasons and went on to win three world championships, to include the first season’s.

The Killebrew Tribune mission statement:

To regularly provide a well kept and managed blog to the members of World Killebrew, that is both thought provoking, and clear and concise in its content.


One thought on “About”

  1. I checked out your league and saw you had two available franchises? Are you recruiting? I recently joined WhatIfSports and am currently in a regular baseball season but am looking for something more in depth. Please give me a shout at jlculley@gmail.com if you are recruiting.

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