S22 Available Teams

Below is a brief overview of each of the available teams for this offseason.

NL West Team

Historically one of the stronger teams in the world, although they have never made it to the World Series. They have 8 division titles to their credit and last season they came in 3rd place in the division with 82 wins.  Past owners include GuerillaZen1 and dspahlinger. This talented team will be drafting 16 overall in the Amateur Draft and spent $14 million in each scouting department last season.

NL North Team

Equipped with star shortstop Julio Rodriguez, this team is in great position for the future having spent heavily in IFA and the draft. Past owners include larryscrubs and madmuldoon.

NL East Team 1

6 time division title winner placed 2nd in the division in S21, despite having one of the lower payrolls.

NL East Team 2

This poor franchise has only 1 division title in its history (S1!). This team will draft 15th next season, to go along with their #6 pick from S21. They look to have a lot of cap-space in S22.

NL East Team 3

4 x division winner and 6 x wild card team,  this franchise came in 4th last season. The franchise will draft 8th in S22, after drafting 15th last season.

AL East Team

Past owner astro123 took this team to 8 division titles (7 in a row) before departing several seasons back. This team 4th place finish will ensure another high draft pick to go along with the S21 picks of 22, 37, 42, 43, 57, 62, 69, and 73 overall. A deep team nearly ready to return to its glory days.


S21 World Series Review

Congratulations to the Austin Express (AL), who won Killebrew’s Season 21 World Series in six games over the Cinicinnati Reds (NL).

World Series MVP: Edwin MacDougal (LF), the game 1 and 4 MVP also hit a homer in game 6.

Interesting fact: No “bell cow” in the starting rotation, no SP won both his starts in the WS.

– Closest win was the game 3 Austin victory by 2.

– Lagest victory margin was game 1 and 6 each by 6 runs.

– Other odds and ends: Cincinnati and Austin had the highest number of plus plays in the playoffs, with 9 and 8 respectfully.