Playoff Preview and Predictions

American League

1. Austin Express

Probable AL Cy Young award winner Tomas Cordero headlines the best pitching staff in the AL. However, it’s their batting that has most people talking. Their 297 HR is the most in the majors.

2. New York Mutts

Geraldo Cubillan and Francis Alexander headline the rotation, but who will round-out the rotation in the playoffs? The world awaits the answer. They are a non-pinch hitting team that may need to change that philosiphy in order to survive.

3. Hartford Rabid Blue Huskie$

A power-hitting team with good defense. I don’t think they have the starting pitching to last in the playoffs.

4. Scottsdale Sleepers

The return of Santos Colon will boost their already stellar lineup, but its the pitching staff which must come through for them to get to the World Series. Tony Barrios has not been the same since his return from the DL.

5. Jacksonville Starfish

David Mack gives the Starfish more than just a chance in the playoffs, but will it be enough?

6. Washington D.C. Senators

How do you make the playoffs, but are still considered a disappointment? I expected more from this team, however, it seemed like the entire lineup had a down year. Coaching? Maybe we will read about what happened in the offseason. Still, they are a dangerous team in the postseason.

National League

1. Kansas City Blue Sox

In the running for numerous end-of-season awards, again. A well rounded, old fashioned team. Provided the bats don’t get cold after the 1st round bye, they should be VERY hard to keep out of the World Series.

2. Cincinnati Reds

The Big Red Machine is back! However, the Big Red Machine didn’t have Sammy Piatt. Watch out, the reigning World Series Champs could repeat!

3. Jackson Junk Yard Dogs

125 fielding plus plays, while having only 12 negative plays all season, an outstanding accomplishment! Though, that might not be enough for them to make it out of the 1st round.

4. Montreal La Verendrye’s

A down year by Ted Henley is still better than most. These former champs will be no easy out with Alex Pineda and Saul Estella in the rotation.

5. Chenneye Dog Soldiers

The Bad News Bears (or Dogs) are primed for a strong push into the postseason. They are a scrappy, well rounded team with little or no star-power.

6. Augusta Masters

The feel good stoy of the playoffs, and possibly the entire season. They remind me of the young KC team I had in Season 4. Can they win it all too?


Here for your entertainment — and so you can pound your keyboards and let us know how incredibly wrong we are — are our picks for the playoffs.

AL- Austin makes short work of Jacksonville and New York.

NL- KC gets past Montreal and Cincinnati.

World Series Champion- Austin Express in 6.

WS MVP- Bryce Harding


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