S21 Amateur Draft Review

Whether you are in build mode, maintaining, or looking to the distant future; the Amateur draft is a key event in the process. So lets take a look at some of the winners and losers of this season’s Amateur Draft.

1st Round stats: (63 total picks) Number of players taken by position: P= 30, C= 2, 1B= 2, 2B= 3, SS= 10, 3B= 1, CF= 7, LF= 4, RF= 4 (acknowledging that many of these players will need a new position). Signing status: 28 are unsigned, 25 are assigned to RL, 5 to LowA, 3 to HiA, and 2 went straight to AA. Team with the most 1st Round picks? Louisville Petrinos with 6, next is Augusta Masters with 4.

Winners: Anaheim Eskimo Brothers may have drafted the best pure hitter in the draft in Wil Karl, RF.  Augusta Masters had a solid draft with Alex Griffiths , 2B and several other role players taken. It never hurts to draft a pitcher like Dale Omlansky, good job San Juan Expos.

Losers: New York Mutts have yet to sign any of their draft picks. Hard to list Milwaukee Madmen as losers when they draft a player like Fausto Tarraga, however, what’s with drafting three catchers in a row (rounds 2, 3, and 4) and a fourth catcher in the 6th round. This after spending more than anybody on HS and College Scouting. Another surprise here, but Louisville for all the picks they had in the 1st, they struck out on each one. They chose Josh Kelly when Zues Daal was still available? Then Nathan Monroe, when Socks Potvin was still there? Their draft could have been much better.

Mr. Irrelevant: Marino Arencibia, 2B, taken in the 25th round by Kansas City Blue Sox, pick 833 overall. Marino is currently considering passing up the $30,000 bonus, and finishing college instead. Get a job!

Note: The entire draft, as well as past drafts, are available under the World Office tab, under Reports, and Draft History.


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