S21 Power Rankings

Division races are begining to take shape, a couple top notch IFAs have been signed and the Mid-season Classic is quickly approaching, it must be time for another look at Killebrews’ top teams. Enjoy!

1 KansasCity Kansas City Blue Sox (66-22), L10: 6-4, Home: 33-16, Road: 33-6, Exp %: .745; Overall Team Rating: 72. “It’s the pitching, stupid” answered Bench Coach Ricardo Johnson, referring to their 2.67 team ERA. Only one starter has an ERA above 2.50.
Last Ranking: N/A
2 Austin Austin Express (60-28), L10: 6-4, Home: 30-16, Road: 30-12, Exp %: .752; Overall Team Rating: 73. The world leader in batting average (.289), HRs (175), RBIs (549), Runs (562), OPS (.866), and just about every other offensive category. Oh, they have good pitching too.
Last Ranking: 6
3  Jacksonville Jacksonville Starfish (58-30), L10: 6-4, Home: 30-12, Road: 28-18, Exp %: .660; Overall Team Rating: 73. David Mack is having a career year (1.98 ERA), while Vern Gagne is crushing it (.326 BA).
Last Ranking: N/A
4  Cheyenne Cheyenne Dog Soldiers (56-32), L10: 5-5, Home: 27-18, Road: 29-14, Exp %: .606; Overall Team Rating: 68. Comeback player of the year candidate, Cody Turner, has waited four seasons to make it back to the big leagues after his bout with drug abuse. He is now taking full advantage of this opportunity, posting a 2.48 ERA.
Last Ranking: 10
5  NewYork_2 New York Mutts (52-36), L10: 3-7, Home: 23-20, Road: 29-16, Exp %: .662; Overall Team Rating: 76. Top overall rated team in world Killebrew (by 2 points), has three players rated over 90! Leads all teams in SO with 699.
Last Ranking: N/A
6  Cincinnati Cinicinnati Reds (55-33), L10: 6-4, Home: 29-14, Road: 26-19, Exp %: .645; Overall Team Rating: 70. The reigning WS Champs are in great position to defend their title, thanks in no small part to scoring machine: Jacob Borland (75 Runs and .390 OBP).
Last Ranking: N/A
7 Scottsdale Scottsdale Sleepers (53-35), L10: 8-2, Home: 27-19, Road: 26-16, Exp %: .586; Overall Team Rating: 70. No longer #2, their overall rating has slipped a couple points as well. Leads Killebrew in SBs and SB%. Oh, and Tony’s back…
Last Ranking: 2
8 Minnesota Minnesota Twins (51-37), L10: 6-4, Home: 28-15, Road: 23-22, Exp %: .629; Overall Team Rating: 71. Up one spot to #8, the Twins have quadruplet HR hitters, four have more than 20 at the halfway mark.
Last Ranking: 9
9  Hartford Hartford Rabid Blue Huskie$ (51-37), L10: 6-4, Home: 26-16, Road: 25-21, Exp %: .613; Overall Team Rating: 74. Built with great offense and defense the Huskie$ continue to win despite the antics of the scandalous owner mbrake, who just last week showed up to a LA Clippers game… However, it’s doubtful the commissioner will fine himself.
Last Ranking: N/A
10  Montreal Montreal La Verendrye’s (49-39), L10: 4-6, Home: 24-18, Road: 25-21, Exp %: .555; Overall Team Rating: 70. .249 team batting average isn’t helping much, but their are enough stars on this team to keep them on this list for the rest of the season. Saul Estalella will have a better 2nd half.
Last Ranking: N/A
11  Burlington Burlington Bees (44-44), L10: 4-6, Home: 20-24, Road:24-20, Exp %: .525; Overall Team Rating: 69. Despite grounding into 93 double plays so far this season, and having one of the worst team batting averages in the world (.244), The Bees are in position for a playoff run due in part to having one of the best bullpens in baseball allowing just 11 inherited runs to score out of 72 possible.
Last Ranking: N/A
12  Salt Lake City Salt Lake City Giants (47-41), L10: 5-5, Home: 21-21, Road: 26-20, Exp %: .567; Overall Team Rating: 72. Slipping a few spots, the Giants are in a tough fight. Caught in a three-way battle in the AL North, it’s doubtful all three teams will make the playoffs. They could use more production from Harry Lind.
Last Ranking: 8

S21 Amateur Draft Review

Whether you are in build mode, maintaining, or looking to the distant future; the Amateur draft is a key event in the process. So lets take a look at some of the winners and losers of this season’s Amateur Draft.

1st Round stats: (63 total picks) Number of players taken by position: P= 30, C= 2, 1B= 2, 2B= 3, SS= 10, 3B= 1, CF= 7, LF= 4, RF= 4 (acknowledging that many of these players will need a new position). Signing status: 28 are unsigned, 25 are assigned to RL, 5 to LowA, 3 to HiA, and 2 went straight to AA. Team with the most 1st Round picks? Louisville Petrinos with 6, next is Augusta Masters with 4.

Winners: Anaheim Eskimo Brothers may have drafted the best pure hitter in the draft in Wil Karl, RF.  Augusta Masters had a solid draft with Alex Griffiths , 2B and several other role players taken. It never hurts to draft a pitcher like Dale Omlansky, good job San Juan Expos.

Losers: New York Mutts have yet to sign any of their draft picks. Hard to list Milwaukee Madmen as losers when they draft a player like Fausto Tarraga, however, what’s with drafting three catchers in a row (rounds 2, 3, and 4) and a fourth catcher in the 6th round. This after spending more than anybody on HS and College Scouting. Another surprise here, but Louisville for all the picks they had in the 1st, they struck out on each one. They chose Josh Kelly when Zues Daal was still available? Then Nathan Monroe, when Socks Potvin was still there? Their draft could have been much better.

Mr. Irrelevant: Marino Arencibia, 2B, taken in the 25th round by Kansas City Blue Sox, pick 833 overall. Marino is currently considering passing up the $30,000 bonus, and finishing college instead. Get a job!

Note: The entire draft, as well as past drafts, are available under the World Office tab, under Reports, and Draft History.

Gift Card Tracker

“All new owners who did not play in season 20 are eligible for one of 3 gift cards – AL and NL new comers to Killebrew season 21 only.”  – mbrake

$15 to the new owner that guides his team to the biggest increase in winning % from season 20 to 21 and agrees to play in season 22.

$10 to the new owner that to the owner that guides his team to the second best winning % increase from season 20 to 21 and agrees to play again in season 22.

$5 to the new owner that has the third best increase in winning % improvement from season 20 to 21 and agrees to play in season 22.

2. Loonzilla – Giants (69-93) .426, currently: .537/+.111

11. elgman – Repo Men (66-96) .407, currently: .228/-.179

10. frp1981 – Petrinos (87-75) .537, currently: .438/-.099

3. colton_72 – Cajuns (73-89) .451, currently: .543/+.092

5. foxyg55 – Eskimos Bros. (54-108) .333, currently: .327/-.006

6. larryscrubs – Obliques (72-90) .444, currently: .420/-.024

4. leegee – Bees (66-96) .407, currently: .488/+.081

8. dirtbag12 – Moonshiners (79-83) .488, currently: .412/-.074

9. Kingdean – Masters (97-65) .598, currently: .512/-.086

1. johnhenry26 – 6 shooters (49-113) .302, currently: .469/+.167

7. Cartelli – Sour Diesel (76-86) .469, currently: .432/-.037


Too-Early in the Season Top 12 Power Rankings

We’re about 16 games into season 21, so what better time than now for our first power ranking! Through hours of research and intense debate our staff here at the Tribune have come up with the current top 12 teams in Killebrew. Enjoy!

1 Washington DC Washington DC Senators (11-4), L10: 9-1, Home: 6-3, Road: 5-1, Exp %: .696; Overall Team Rating: 74. No surprise here, the Senators have a great team.
Last Week: N/A
2 Scottsdale Scottsdale Sleepers (11-5), L10: 7-3, Home: 4-2, Road: 7-3, Exp %: .784; Overall Team Rating: 74. But will they remain here without their ace?
Last Week: N/A
3 Fargo Fargo Pulled Obliques (11-5), L10: 6-4, Home: 6-1, Road: 5-4, Exp %: .693; Overall Team Rating: 70. Look out for ROY candidate Julio Rodriguez.
Last Week: N/A
4 Vancouver Vancouver River Otters (11-5), L10: 9-1, Home: 5-5, Road: 6-0, Exp %: .602; Overall Team Rating: 69. 3-0 in one-run games.
Last Week: N/A
5 Portland Portland Sour Diesel (10-6), L10: 6-4, Home: 5-1, Road: 5-5, Exp %: .602; Overall Team Rating: 69. Strong start by Benji Foster (P)
Last Week: N/A
6 Austin Austin Express (10-6), L10: 6-4, Home: 5-5, Road: 5-1, Exp %: .748; Overall Team Rating: 74. With 9 players rated 80 or higher, this team is a favorite to win it all.
Last Week: N/A
7 Colorado Colorado Rockets (10-6), L10: 8-2, Home: 6-4, Road: 4-2, Exp %: .480; Overall Team Rating: 74. A bit of a surprise here, will they last in the top 10?
Last Week: N/A
8 Salt Lake City Salt Lake City Giants (9-7), L10: 6-4, Home: 4-3, Road: 5-4, Exp %: .614; Overall Team Rating: 72. Good start for a very good team.
Last Week: N/A
9 Minnesota Minnesota Twins (9-7), L10: 5-5, Home: 3-3, Road: 6-4, Exp %: .605; Overall Team Rating: 71. Benji Mateo is crushing it.
Last Week: N/A
10 Cheyenne Cheyenne Dog Soldiers (9-6), L10: 6-4, Home: 5-3, Road: 4-3, Exp %: .626; Overall Team Rating: 68. No stars here, just wins.
Last Week: N/A
11 Chicago-a Chicago Pterodactyl Hawk Wasps (9-7), L10: 5-5, Home: 3-3, Road: 6-4, Exp %: .506; Overall Team Rating: 70. Esteban Astacio is the key to this team’s early season surge.
Last Week: N/A
12 Little Rock Little Rock Cottonmouths (9-7), L10: 6-4, Home: 5-1, Road: 4-6, Exp %: .569; Overall Team Rating: 70. Their sweep of the Junk Yard Dogs propel them into the top 12.
Last Week: N/A