S21 Rule 5 Draft Review

An important event in world Killebrew has concluded: the Rule 5 Draft! Below are some observations and statistics.

Highest rated player drafted: 22-year-old, Theo Andrews, formerly of the Louisville Petrinos, was drafted by the San Antonio 6 Shooters with the 2nd pick (but first actual selection) in the draft. As young as Mr. Andrews is and as high as his potential is, I grade this selection as an A+.

Lowest rated player drafted: 23-year-old, diamond in the rough, Ernest Rose earns this honor. Selected by Fargo and taken from Minnesota, Mr. Rose will most likely be offered back or be waived. He does have nice control, velocity, and first pitch, but his splits are just too low, even if he hits his full potential.

Teams with most selections: Fargo (8), Anaheim (4), San Juan (4)

Teams not participating: Austin, Burlington, Cheyenne, Hartford, Jackson, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Louisville, Minnesota, New York, Portland, San Francisco, Scottsdale, Tampa Bay, and Washington D.C.

Team with the most players taken from: Burlington was nice of enough to donate 6 players to the Rule 5 Draft pool.

Other notes: Interestingly, San Francisco decided not to participate in the draft despite having the number one pick. The last time this happened was Season 17. In Season 11 the first 3 teams decided not to pick.

Results of this season’s (as well as past) Rule 5 Draft can be found under the World Office tab, under Reports, Rule 5 Draft History.